Kinds of SKS Stocks

Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonova or SKS is a 7.62 x 39 mm calibre semi-automatic carbine traditionally with a wooden stock. It was originally made for the Soviet Union Army in 1945 (hence, its mouthful of a name) but was later replaced by the AK-47. Nowadays, the SKS is a popular carbine on the civilian surplus market because of its historic nature, novelty, and relatively low cost.

The SKS may not be considered an assault rifle, but the fascination for it still has not faded. Some SKS variants have a grenade-launching equipment while others have an integrated bayonet that fold from the end of the barrel.

What gun enthusiasts and SKS aficionados are often looking for, are SKS stocks, parts, and accessories for upgrading their SKS. The important thing to know is that the SKS stocks can be grouped into three tactical stocks, traditional stocks, and accessories.

  • Traditional SKS stocks

SKS stocks falling under the traditional category are ideal for sport shooting, hunting, and other leisurely shooting activities.


  • SKS Monte Carlo Stock has a scorpion recoil pad, raised cheekpiece, DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer, scratch resistant
  • SKS Fiberforce Stock military styling, Fiberforce Dragunov Design, Sure-Grip Textured Pad, Dowel Sling Mount, ventilated forearm, ambidextrous, thumbhole grip
  • ATI Sling Swivel fits standard sling swivel studs, installs easily, made of high quality e-coated steel
  • Tactical SKS stocks

Tactical SKS stocks are equipped for greater speed, accuracy, flexibility, durability and ease of use or tactical shooting situations.


  • SKS Strikeforce Stock – six position adjustable side folding stock, Scorpion recoil system, adjustable cheekrest, one 4″ Picatinny Rail, three 2″ Picatinny Rails, one 2″ Swivel Stud Picatinny Rail
  • SKS Ultimate Professional Plus Strikeforce Stock aluminum upgrade to the six position adjustable side folding stock, scorpion recoil system, fore end pistol grip, adjustable cheekrest, can be fired from folded position
  • SKS Adjustable, Non-Side Folding Strikeforce Stock six position adjustable non-side folding stock, scorpion recoil system, adjustable cheekrest
  • SKS Non-adjustable, Non-Side Folding Strikeforce Stock ergonomic textured pistol grip, adjustable cheekrest, slot for tactical sling attachment, scorpion recoil system
  • SKS Non-adjustable, Side Folding Strikeforce Stock scorpion recoil system, adjustable cheekrest, five sling swivel studs

For those who prefer to modify their existing SKS, there is a wide array of SKS accessories stocks to choose from depending on the modification need and part. Each accessory varies in materials used in manufacturing to suit temperatures, comfort and ergonomics. Here are some SKS parts that have available accessories out in the market nowadays:

  • Recoil pads
  • Cheekrest
  • Swivel stud
  • Picatinny rail
  • Pistol grip
  • Sling
  • Bipod
  • Conversion kit
  • Retro-fit kit
  • Handguard
  • Buttpad

SKS stocks can be found with many local gun shops and online suppliers of guns and ammo. Finding the right supplier that offers reasonable prices for SKS stocks is not that difficult because of the wide availability and usefulness of the SKS.

It might have been almost 70 years since the SKS was invented and used but the carbine still proves to be of value up until today.

The fame of Ruger 10 22 stocks came to a point that many users had wanted to make their gun different from others. Because of this, many gunsmiths and gun manufacturers have spent a lot of time developing configurations for Ruger 10 22 stocks. As of last year, there have been six basic Ruger 10 22 models which come with a lot of variations and features different from each model.

  • 10/22 Carbine comes with an 18.5″ barrel bound with hardwood body. It also comes with a stainless steel receiver and fitting for LaserMax scope.
  • 10/22 Takedown released on March 2012, the 10/22 takedown is the latest addition to the line of Ruger 10 22 stocks. It features easy assembly and disassembly with only a few tools to use. It is shipped in a sleek backpack that houses all needed components for assembly.
  • 10/22 Target designed for mainly for target shooting, this is the heaviest of all Ruger 10 22 stocks in the market. What makes it heavier is its 20″, high precision barrel.
  • 10/22 Compact it is sleek and smaller and comes with a 16″ barrel only.
  • 10/22 Sporter it comes with a 19′ barrel and black walnut stock.
  • 10/22 Tactical This is the only stock of all Ruger 10 22 stocks that comes with a flash suppressor that perfectly conceals your location after firing. It also comes with a fitting for a bipod and a 16″ barrel.

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